GALAXIES For Intelligently Designed Minds

(Not for 'Standard' Model Dummies)

By Joseph L. Torie

"Throughout the book, the author unfolds a completely new view of the solar system, spiral galaxies and possibly of a big part of the universe. In the process, he comments on a number of tenets of today's science in an interestingly unusual, intelligent and persuasive way. His views and unrelenting criticism of the present 'only valid and accepted Standard Model of cosmology' (sic) are thought provoking, although many of them might not be fully developed nor properly documented.

"Torie offers refreshingly coherent explanations for many of the issues that had puzzled astronomers and cosmologists alike for decades, while also developing a novel view of how the engine of a spiral galaxy might work. The narrative is presented in the form of a dialogue or informal debate between three individuals, two of whom have an inclination towards Intelligent Design plus views offered in Scripture; while one is a Standard Model researcher and young scientist."

A.F. Gartfelstein (Excerpts of a review)

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"From an early age, I wanted to understand the universe"

Joseph L. Torie

This is not really the author, but Joseph agreed that the gentleman looks much better than he ever did (See ABOUT page for more info about J. Torie)

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