Joseph Torie

Author of GALAXIES For Intelligently Designed Minds (NOT For ‘Standard’ Model DUMMIES)

Joseph believes in Jesus and writes about the gospels, science and intelligent design. He is a great admirer of nature, its amazing design and intelligent balance.
He had studied Scripture for most of his life, done volunteer Christian work for four decades in three continents, spending more than half his life in southern and eastern Asian countries.
He had a love for books, learning and writing since an early age and has spend the last 15 years focused on  writing and studying -on the go- about his favorite subjects. He authored a dozen books about Jesus, Christianity, Scripture and commentaries on intelligent design and science.
Torie is not aligned with mainstream views and although his roots can be traced deep in Scripture and history, he offers pragmatic and innovative views to many questions surrounding the life of Jesus and spirituality.
At the center of his views is the conviction that Jesus' life and words  are enough of a 'religion' to guide people of all backgrounds or cultures through the journey of life, while learning to love God  and our fellow  beings. His non-denominational approach to studying and learning about Jesus makes his writings and opinions valuable to people desiring to get a closer relationship with Jesus above all.

Galaxies For Intelligently Designed Minds

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