Chapter 17 – Sorry, there is not assumed Dynamo of molten Iron inside the Earth

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The Earth’s Magnetic Poles are not generated by any assumed Dynamo of molten Iron inside the Earth, but by the Friction of the Skin of the Bubble of the Earth against its outer Space

TINA: And in the case of the earth, would those different magnetic fields generate the gravitational balance of the system?
TIM: Well, the different magnetic fields are only one of the factors of the gravitational balance. Mostly, the magnetic poles are associated with the navigation and positioning of the earth within the disc of the solar system and would be involved in the gravitational balance only indirectly. We could discuss in more detail soon.
TINA: So, electromagnetism is only one factor helping to achieve gravitational balance.
TIM: Yep. We still have to describe in full the way gravitational balance is achieved in bubbles of energy, although we have discussed separately some of the mechanisms involved in it. I have mentioned the pressure proceeding from all points of the sphere of the skin of the bubble of energy containing a celestial body or bodies, a big factor contributing to gravitational balance. However, we have not discussed yet a number of factors and subjects related to it, such as how could outer space be denser, or heavier, than the inner space of bubbles of energy.
TINA: Yea. It is assumed that it is just the opposite and that space is lighter than the systems that operate in it.
TOM: It is no wonder that your views are upside down, Tim. In fact, you have a knack for seeing everything upside down. When will you realize that you have a comprehension disorder and search for some help?
TIM: We haven’t discussed the orbits of planets, which would provide orbital paths for the planets where the outside higher pressure and density are constant, facilitating the buoyancy of individual planets. We haven’t discussed either how the rotation of planets is partially involved in helping them to follow their orbits. However, as we cover those different subjects, we will be able to put all the pieces together more coherently into a description of planetary bubbles of energy.
TINA: I can see already how many of those loose pieces seem to fit quite well.
TIM: In the case of the earth’s greater bubble and the bubbles of the planets, they would be aligned and pinned individually and externally to the electromagnetic bubble of the solar system, which would also generate magnetism by the friction of its skin against the outer space of the solar bubble. The electromagnetic lines of the solar system would enter the solar bubble through its North Pole and transit the inner space of the bubble, and I assume would contact the South Poles of the planets and through them pin the planets to the magnetic web of the solar system.

Possibly Bubbles inside bigger Bubbles alternate the Position of their North and South Poles

TINA: If the solar system’s north electromagnetic lines make contact with the south poles of the planets, would the poles of the solar system be inverted? Would the north pole of the solar system’s bubble be in what we consider the south hemisphere of the solar system?
TIM: It is possible, but we are not opening a new front now, but only suggesting the possibility. Let’s finish with the planets first and especially with the earth’s three north poles. In any case, the solar system via its electromagnetic fields and poles would pin the planets magnetically, North-South wise, to the changing positions on their orbits as they move along them. As the solar system’s bubble is turning, the magnetic waves it generates would also turn, as also the planets do. We are not trying and it is not our goal to describe every detail of how this could work, but rather to give a general picture of how electromagnetism contributes to the gravitational balance of bubbles of energy and especially to the navigation of inner bubbles of energy within a bigger bubble.
TINA: Would the electromagnetism generated by the bubble of the solar system be distributed to each of the planets? 
TIM: We have discussed that possibly the bubble of Jupiter would house many of the inner planets, in which case the solar system bubble would pin electromagnetically that huge bubble and then Jupiter’s bubble would pin the planets inside its bubble. I don’t know how the sun would be pinned electromagnetically to the bubble of the solar system, though. This is not because of the assumed gravity inside the sun but because of its own powerful electromagnetic fields and of its position near the center of the gravitational bubble in the deep end of the gravitational well.
TINA: Wow! Quite a system!
TIM: An additional possibility to what we were discussing about where is the north pole of the solar system is that it is where we would assume naturally that it is, in the north hemisphere of the solar system and above our north pole. Then it is possible that the south pole of the big bubble of Jupiter is inverted, so that the north pole of the solar system connects to the inverted south pole of Jupiter’s bubble, in the north hemisphere and the South Pole of Jupiter connects to the north poles of the planets inside its bubble. That could be another reason for Jupiter having such a huge bubble of energy, including all those inner planets. Let’s leave it there for now and maybe later we can get back to it, or perhaps, someone who understands electromagnetism better can figure all the details.
TINA: Are you sure that any of those electromagnetic fields or ‘gravity’ wouldn't be generated inside the planets by gravitons or masses of molten iron but would come from the skin of the bubbles of energy?
TIM: Yes. In the bubbles of energy concept there is no gravitons and no magnets inside celestial bodies. In addition, the assumed dynamo of molten iron inside the earth cannot explain satisfactorily why there are two different magnetic north and south poles on the earth and other phenomena.
TINA: So, the view of bubbles discard the existence of any assumed dynamo of molten iron inside the earth tasked with generating the earth’s electromagnetism. In contrast, the friction of the skin of a bubble of energy against its outer space would be responsible for generating that magnetism.

Astronomers and Scientists deduced logically that the North Pole is the South Pole, but the Factors of the Rationale are flawed

TIM: Exactly! That’s the reason why ultimately the poles of a bubble of energy are not on the surface of the celestial body but up on the skin of the bubble.
TINA: You said you don’t agree with the idea that the North Pole is the South Pole and the South Pole the North Pole. Can you explain your views on that, please?
TIM: Astronomers arrived to that conclusion logically, but the conclusion is faulty because the factors considered are faulty. Therefore, I disagree with their ‘logical’ conclusion and think it is not correct, but instead think that they are interpreting the whole thing upside down, literally.
TOM: You can't be serious! This is basic stuff and by the way, you don’t have to disagree with it, because it is not ‘Standard’ Model stuff or evolution science. This is plain old classical science; no need for you to try to contradict it. You are overextending yourself in your hate-goal of attacking proven evolutionary science.
TINA: The evolutionary narrative is far from being proven, Tom.
TIM: Classical science called the North Pole, ‘the North Pole’. Now people call it the ‘South Pole’.
TINA: However, I think Tom might be right at that point; this looks like classical science.
TIM: Not to me.
TINA and TOM: Why?
TIM: Actually classical science and modern science and most of the available sciences in the market name the area of the North Pole as the north. This is right.
TIM: However, the misunderstanding about whether the North Pole is the South Pole or not comes as mentioned because science so far assumes that electromagnetism proceeds from inside the earth and that an assumed dynamo of molten iron turning inside it somehow generates a big magnet with both a North and South Pole. I mentioned that the concept of bubbles of energy disagrees with that view. There is no big magnet inside the earth!
TOM: But the North it is the South really, it is proven! Otherwise, the South end of the needle of a compass would point to it. However, when scientists search and find the Magnetic North Pole, the North end of the needle of the compass points to the assumed ‘North’ Pole, so the assumed North Pole is really the South one.
TIM: Not for me.
TINA: Please, explain why you think so.
TIM: My old faithful compass here points to the Geomagnetic North and if I went to the pole to find the Magnetic North Pole, it would point to the North too. I am sure of this.
TOM: Impossible! Even if you use your old ‘faithful’ compass, unless it is broken, the North side of the needle would point down, which means that it will be pointing to the South Pole. There is no other way.
TIM: You are right!
TOM: Are you kidding? Now you are contradicting yourself

The Magnetic North Pole of the Earth still is the Magnetic North Pole

TIM: Ok let me repeat. You are right that the North-end of the needle points south and the South-end points north.
TOM: No need to repeat it. I know that for a long time, since I was in elementary school and my teacher gave me a compass as a gift, I my own first compass.
TIM: When I use my compass under my favorite tree, its north needlepoint points to the earth’s Geomagnetic North Pole, however, when expeditions go to the North Pole, the north needlepoint of their compasses point to the Magnetic North Pole, which are at slightly different locations the one from the other. The reason why their compasses point to the Magnetic North Pole is because the greater bubble’s electromagnetic field is much stronger than the minor earth’s bubble electromagnetic field and it overrides the Geomagnetic North Pole on the ground. Sometimes this happens also in places outside the North Pole, that compasses lose the North by the influence of local magnetic fields that override the geomagnetic North.
TINA: But the compasses are not wrong, neither yours, nor theirs.
TIM: Not at all, both are right, especially theirs as they carry much better ones than my old faithful one.
TOM: You are just running around in circles.
TIM: I am going straight to the point, but it confuses your preconceived ideas about magnetic poles. When the Arctic expeditions find the Magnetic North Pole, they know it because the North point of the needle of their compasses point down to the ground. That’s why it is assumed that the Magnetic North Pole is the South one, because if not the South end of the needle would point to the ground. Remember what we said, the North end of the needle of the compass points to the South and…
TINA: …the South end of the needle of the compass points to the North.
TOM: We know that… and it is what I am trying for you to see and understand, but you are too stubborn.
TIM: Here is the problem. They assume that the electromagnetic lines are originated inside the earth at their assumed big dynamo of molten iron, and if it were so they would be right, the North needle would be pointing to the South Pole. However, it is not so, because the North Pole is not under their feet inside the earth, but above their heads, way above, at the North Pole of the greater bubble of energy of earth. There is no big magnet or dynamo of molten iron inside the earth, at all.
TINA: Do you mean that while their compass is working right, their interpretation of the reading is wrong? Sort of upside down?

Astronomers are confused about where the Magnetic Poles of the Earth are located and generated

TIM: Yes. The plain fact is that the North Pole is above their heads and the South end of the needle is clearly pointing to it. However, they don’t see it because they assume that they are standing on top of the North Pole, when in reality they are standing under it and in the middle of the flow of the magnetic stream. The magnetic stream flows between the North Pole above their heads in the skin of the greater bubble of the earth and the South Pole below them. They are standing in the middle of the electromagnetic stream and the compass shows that clearly. In other words, because they are in the middle of the electromagnetic stream, the south end of the needle is pointing up, to where the North Pole is, and the North end of the needle is pointing down to where the South Pole is. Notice that the Magnetic South Pole isn’t right under their feet but at the other side of the earth and in fact at the South Pole of the greater bubble of the earth.
TINA: So, the compass needle is aligning itself with the flow of electromagnetic lines. The magnetic lines come from above, from the North Pole of the greater bubble of energy and while those lines transit through the needle, they align it in the right direction. The South end of the needle points to the North, above their heads, and the North end of the needle points to the South Pole that is in the opposite side of the earth and even further than that, at the South Pole of the greater bubble of the earth.
TIM: It means that they are standing in the middle, between the Magnetic North Pole above their heads and the Magnetic South Pole in the other side of the earth. We could say that they are not standing in the North Pole but they are standing ‘under’ the North Pole, which is above their heads.
TINA: But why when you read your compass under your favorite tree it does point to the North?
TIM: Because under my favorite tree the current of the geomagnetic field is spreading over the surface of the earth and coming really from the South Pole after having crossed the earth through its geomagnetic center.
TINA: So, in some ways, the geomagnetic currents move in opposite directions. One direction while traveling inside the earth and one while traveling on the surface of the earth?
TIM: Yes! Under my favorite tree, the current of the geomagnetic field is going up North, after having emerged from the South Pole, but at the North Pole the current is going towards the South Pole through the magnetic center of the earth.

The actual Magnetic Poles of the Earth are not inside the Planet but are above its Surface, at the Poles of the two Bubbles of Energy of the Earth

TINA: It is a little confusing and at least some scientists are getting confused as to what is North and what’s South. After you explained how the current travels from the North Pole of the bubble of energy and enters the earth through the Magnetic North Pole and so forth, I think I am starting to get it. If that were correct, wouldn't that prove that your bubble of energy concept is correct? Wouldn't that be at least one more confirmation of your concept that the real poles are way up in the sky and not inside the earth? Wouldn't that be a proof that the electromagnetic fields are not generated by a big magnet buried deep within the earth’s crust, but that they are generated at the skin of the bubble of energy and therefore that such bubbles of energy are real?
TOM: That doesn’t prove anything. Tim is really confused by his own theories and beliefs, which don’t make any sense. I mean, his explanation is quite confusing and hard to follow.
TINA: If I can see it, Tom, I think it would be so much easier for you to see it. When people are standing in the North Pole where the assumed Magnetic North Pole is, the South end of the needle is pointing up, because the magnetic North Pole is not inside the earth, but it is above them, at the North Pole of the greater bubble of energy of the earth.
TOM: Whether you ‘see’ something or not Tina is completely irrelevant to me. I am a scientist.
TIM: We know or deduct that the compass needle is pointing to the North Pole of the greater bubble of the earth, because the South end of the needle is pointing up to it.
TINA: So, as you suggested, it could be that the earth’s minor bubble of energy is the one God created in the first day of creation, and the greater bubble was added in the fourth day.

Earth might be the only Planet that has more than one Set of Magnetic Poles

TIM: Very good observation! In the first day, God only created the earth, which would have generated its own bubble of energy, time and gravitational balance when it started to rotate, that would have been the minor bubble of the earth. Then, in the fourth day, when He created the moon, the sun and the stars, those would have generated their own bubbles, which would have combined to generate greater ones. The greater bubble of the earth, housing the earth’s minor bubble plus the moon’s bubble would have been generated on the fourth day by the earth and moon’s bubbles.
TINA: I think you suggested planets that has moons attached, wouldn't have a double greater bubble as the earth has, in addition to the additional extra bubbles it might have for its moon or moons.
TIM: I think the earth’s greater bubble probably was an exemption, as it was created several days before its moon was. The rest of the planets, the moons and stars were all created on the fourth day and at the same time, so, they wouldn't have required such a double bubble arrangement.
TINA: According to Scripture, it could seem that there was a necessity for the earth to have that extra greater bubble, rather than trying to squeeze the moon into the earth’s original minor bubble on the fourth day. The space and mass of the earth on the first day would have generated a space-mass with the proper size for that original space and mass.
TIM: Yep. If the original bubble had been bigger than what it was necessary the first day, the bubble would have been too big and to light. Perhaps, we could consider the double bubble of the earth, with the minor generated the first day and the greater generated the fourth day, as a signature of Creation, as a sign that those celestial bodies were created in the order Scripture attests and in different days and different times.
TINA: Cool! The earth original minor bubble was generated by the mass and space of the earth and that space-mass wouldn't have been meant to have a moon added there three days later, not according to the concept of bubbles of energy.
TIM: Right... This is because the earth and its original space would have only generated the needed bubble, like in 1+1 equals 2, and it couldn’t have been 1+1 equals 3.

Possible Way to determine or find out whether other Planets have minor and greater Bubbles of Energy

TINA: Do you think it would be possible to determine or find out whether other planets have minor and greater bubbles?
TIM: I don’t think it would be that difficult to test how many bubbles of energy some of the other planets have. For example, if Mars would have more than one bubble of energy, a minor and a greater one as the earth seems to have, Mars would also have more than one magnetic North Pole. However, if Mars hadn’t a double planetary bubble of energy, then Mars would have only one Magnetic North Pole. That would be easy to find out!
TINA: Although Mars might still have an extra non-magnetic North Pole related to its axis of rotation, because Mars axis of rotation is quite eccentric from its North and South poles, isn’t it?
TIM: Yep, it is.
TOM: More of your wild stories based on mythology, which are impossible to prove or to challenge. They are conducive to your dreaming on!
TINA: It would be easy to have one of those future rovers send there to check on the ground whether Mars has more than one North magnetic pole. Plainly, it would be easier than travelling the assumed billions of light years to the edge of the universe to see whether there is any of your assumed 95 percent of dark matter and energy there, Tom.
TOM: You two are getting me confused and certainly, I am getting tired of your mischievous play of words. Let’s take a break and let’s stop this non-sense, at least for a while. I need some rest.

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