"Universe for Discoverers and Inquisitive Minds"

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milky way

"Your views offer a completely new way to look at the solar system and the universe. I appreciate their underlining basic principle of looking at nature to learn from it, vis-a-vis the prevailing attitude of trying to stretch and force the evidence and make it fit preconceived or old-hat ideas about why or how things happen. You show respect for nature and for the evidence and analyze it on its own merits, wherever the evidence leads to. Bravo! That's such good sample to young discoverers and inquisitive minds."

"Specifically, in chapter 2, the views about what could be the function of fragments, asteroid belts and other phenomena offer new light of how the solar system could work and why. The official views seem not to match the evidence, as while we see that the system is predictable, dependable and runs like clockwork, their explanation identifies many of its parts as failed attempts, accidents or the result of catastrophes. I am an outdoor person and nature lover and I find that in the 'nature' we get to experience around us, things are organized in a very efficient and sophisticated way. I agree with your view that it doesn’t make any sense to believe and profess that the minute we exit the earth's atmosphere, everything becomes chaotic and cataclysmic. I wanted to mention also that your explanation about Jupiter's prow and bow is captivating for its simplicity and feasibility."

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