How I learned about Astronomy by studying Scripture

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how to learn astronomy from scripture

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"...I would like to ask whether you had teachers, astronomers, or scientists instructing or advising you, who also might believe in a similar explanation to the one your offer?"

"This weekend I have read the free to read online chapters of your book. I wanted to comment on the one about the two magnetic poles of the earth, chapter 16. You give a completely different explanation from the one accepted by the majority of astronomers, but your view answers the questions the explanation accepted by the majority fails to provide. Good job.

"Your claim that there is no magnet of molten iron inside the earth, but that the real two magnetic poles are somewhere above the surface of the earth, where the assumed minor and greater bubbles are, is also original and fits very neatly with other explanations from the other chapters I have read so far. It seems that the magnets of molten iron are only assumptions anyway, as nobody has seen those at anytime. The magnet idea seems to be just a plausible explanation for something that still we don’t understand.

"I have two questions, which if you don’t mind to comment on, I would appreciate very much. The first one is about your theory of bubbles of energy surrounding the planet, as well as other celestial bodies. Your theory seems to have a number of merits, however, if those bubbles are there, why do you think they have never been perceived or identified?
"The second question is about your claim that you have learned from scripture and from observation, as you mentioned in the 'About' page of your site and in one of the free chapters too. I can accept that, because although I am not an active religious person, I attended elementary and middle school in a Catholic institution in Canada. I believe that the universe is the work of a master genius, who does not cease to amaze us with his creation.

"I do not know whether God might be a Catholic God, a Protestant God, or even whether he sees himself as belonging to any of the many different denominations, churches or groups out there claiming and arguing they are the only ones having a corner on God. It seems to me that if there is such an infinite and loving God, as Jesus depicted, would be above the petty differences and interpretations that divide us. No doubt, some people might lead a life closer to the one God expects us to live, but I think that God would be able to love all of us and see beyond those differences. The God that made the universe would look at people's hearts with an infinite compassion and understanding, while allowing people to follow the paths they have chosen

"Returning to my question about you having learned about astronomy from Scripture, I would like to ask whether you also had teachers, astronomers, or scientists instructing you, who also might believe in a similar explanation to the one your offer? Alternatively, have you read books by some people that inspired your ideas? If so, would you mind to name some of them or the name of their books or papers?

"Finally, I have a small suggestion. It would be good if your chapters would have illustrations of your ideas, even if they were simple pencil drawings."

Marcus D., a searcher of the Infinite Love.

Dear friend, thank you for your comments and support.

I agree with you that God is much greater than our petty conceptions of Him and that He has enough love to understand, pardon and forgive people in both sides, and at every point of the fences we build among ourselves. The God of Heaven and Earth is big enough to love all of us and teach us how to love one another, starting with HisĀ  wonderful sample of forgiveness, kindness, mercy, patience, and all weather love for us.

Regarding whether I had any teachers or scientists helping to build or influencing the foundations of my views, I haven’t had any, although I have read a considerable number of explanations and theories about the universe, its origins and organization and of course, experimental and proven science provides lots of information about how many things in nature work. I am sure there could be other people holding similar views to mine, but I have no heard about them.

One of the ways I had learned and arrived to some of the conclusions and ideas I have, my take of the phenomenon, is through sheer curiosity and by asking questions. The God we were talking about is big enough and loving enough to want to help us to discover and understand His Creation, His ways and the universe in which He had placed us. I don’t claim to be any kind of super-spiritual or super-religious person. In fact, if anyone would meet me, most probably would be disappointed at what an ordinary and run of the mill type of person I am. (Fortunately, for both, them and I, most probably we won't meet, except through written words, which would save people the disappointment).

If God indeed had showed me these things I write about, most probably it would be because I truly wanted to know and understand and because I am so insignificant, that He didn’t dare to let me down.

Although I have been interested in the universe and in nature most of my life, I do not have a background on science studies. In addition, I have not had contact with scientists or astronomers, anymore that most other people do. As mentioned, I have read many reports, news and published articles about astronomy out of a personal interest in the subject.

My observations are based on the study of Scripture, the study of the accepted astronomy, plus observation and analytical deduction. Yet, my analytical deduction wasn’t of the scientific kind, trying to make things match with what Professor So-and-So said, or what distinguished scientist So-and-So imagined and theorized about in his writings. Instead, I tried to scrutinize what I heard or read from the perspective of how could it be so, if there is such a loving and wise God of the Universe and as I understand Him from study and meditation on Scripture.

The concept of bubbles was developed through a number of those years of private study and research. Once the concept took its basic shape, I kept developing it and applying it to different scenarios. I was surprised to see the explanatory power the concept has and how well all the different parts fitted neatly into the bigger picture.

Often, when I found that some other theories probably invalidated the concept of bubbles, I tried logically to understand those theories, usually accepted as valid, in order to understand the weaknesses of my own views. I was surprised to found that many of those theories, for all the support and recognition they enjoy, were fragile and full of rational holes, while being supported mainly by little more than other partially developed theories or 'official' assumptions.

I don’t claim to be right, nor being able to prove what I have written about, as mine are also theories. However, I do have the right and claim the right to express my ideas and views, as any other people have the right to present and defend their views too.

I thank you for taking the time to read those chapters online and for taking the extra time to communicate. It is very much appreciated. Sorry for the delay in answering you, Marcus.



PS. In regards to your first question, of why apparently none has seen or perceived any bubbles of energy, if they do exist, I don’t know why. However, there have been many instances in the scientific field, in which none saw some things, or proposed some things, until someone else did.

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