Question about Author's Background

by reader


Could Mr. Torie share some of his background, please?

Sorry, I had overlooked this factor. Since receiving your request, an ABOUT page has been added to the site. In part, the ABOUT page wasn't there before at my request, because I feel it is not important to promote the author of a paper or book as much as the ideas on the work.
I am reluctant to talk about myself, as my primary interest is to promote the ideas I write about, which people then could read on whatever books I manage to finish and publish.
I am an older man, my time on this earth is limited and I would prefer spending whatever time is left on polishing some of the books I have written and some I hope to write. I am concerned that getting involved in keeping up with the social media aspect might jeopardize my time for writing.
Another concern is that the public's recognition and support comes sometimes at the expense of the author compromising some of her or his views, for the sake of maintain or increasing the same recognition. I try to avoid that.  
Finally, I don’t think most people would care much about 'who I am or what I do'. In fact, I would consider it fortunate if some at least would be interested in the ideas.

In answer to your request and to keep it simple (although you can read a little more about it in the ABOUT page), I have studied Scripture for over four decades, while doing independent volunteer Christian work in a number of countries and continents for thirty of those years.
I have been studying and writing "Galaxies for Intelligently Minds" for the last ten years.
I am neither a mainstream type of Christian, nor a scientist, nor an Intelligent Design pundit, nor a professor with multiple PhDs. I have had no time or interest for official academic achievements or associations and frankly, I wouldn’t have been able to do what I have been doing, would I have spent much of my time in social pursues or in the academic world.

Thank you for your time and questions. Hope the ideas in the book are helpful.

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