Chapter 4 – The Self-proclaimed “only accepted and valid Theory of ‘Standard’ Model Cosmology”

GALAXIES For Intelligently Designed Minds (NOT For ‘Standard’ Model DUMMIES)

Past Civilizations had discovered much of what we know about the Solar System from simple Observation of the Facts and from trying to understand and explain them

TIM: Yea! In contrast to their attitude of trying to prove themselves and their sponsors right, cultures and civilizations of the past had discovered most of what we know about the solar system and a lot about the universe from simple observation of the facts, albeit all of them believed in some kind of gods or deities or legends.
TINA: But many of those beliefs, such as the beliefs in Greek and Roman deities, Jupiter or Mars, were clearly superstitions.
TIM: Yes, they were. However, even though there is no such deity called Jupiter or Mars, they had the fundamental right attitude of assuming that the universe was the result of intelligent, or semi-intelligent causes, which helped them to try to discover, understand and explain them. In the end, their scientific posture was a lot more rational, although somehow misguided, than the attitude and posture of evolutionary standard science that tries to prove that everything is a chaotic and meaningless accident. In that sense, even the Greek and Roman astronomers with their gods and myths were in a better position to learn than the present ‘Standard’ people that invent their science narrative  to conform to their modern beliefs and myths, rather than trying to learn or deduce it from nature and the universe. That’s why many of the ancient astronomers made comparatively more progress than the ‘Standard’ Model ones, considering the simple technology they had available and the limited scientific knowledge.
TINA: I see. They may have attributed the intelligent design they found to the wrong gods or goddesses, but they were right in assuming first that the universe is intelligently created, and second in wanting to learn from it.
TIM: The Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Indians, Egyptians, and many civilizations from Mexico to China, thousands of years ago, made more progress in their astronomy studies comparatively speaking than the average ‘Standard’ Model scientist does today. They did that without any telescopes, without any microscopes and without any missions to the end of the solar system, but by just looking at the night sky and using their intelligence to learn and understand how it all works.
TINA: Comparatively speaking, they were more effective.

In spite of their extraordinarily advanced arrays of Telescopes, ‘Standard’ Eyes still can't see it

TIM: Their technologies were very simple and almost non-existent! Even Copernicus, Kepler and Newton worked with simple equipment and contraptions. If we would factor value for money, those ‘primitive’ people got a lot more value for their bucks and time than this generation of ‘scientists’ trapped in the cage of their non-intelligent views and practices, in spite of their advanced and ultra-sophisticated technology.
TINA: Yea, the powerful telescope won't be of much help to understand how the solar system or the universe works if their main goal is to try to prove their own inventions, instead of trying to understand what they see!
TINA: The same thing that happens to the ‘Standard’ Model today happened in the past when science was controlled by some religious group or autocratic ideas.
TIM: When people refused to look at the evidence and instead spend their time trying to defend their ‘only valid’ beliefs at all costs, they missed the point, as it happened with the people that insisted that the earth was the center of the universe. Their preconceived ideas about God and the way He made things, led them to close their eyes to reality. Same prejudiced attitude! ‘Standard’ Model science does the same, but in a much bigger fashion, and instead of doing it to defend a pre-conceived idea about how God does things, they do it to defend a pre-conceived idea that everything happened by itself after due explosions and annihilations and cataclysms. Both peoples ended up blinded by their prejudices and as a bunch of losers.
TINA: They have been looking at all those fragments in the asteroid belt for decades but they can't see any purpose for the big belts and their relationship to the functioning of the planets and of the solar system.
TIM: They like to pride themselves how much they have advanced in their tech and stuff, but in reality, they are not willing to admit the things their technology is pointing out to, and they cannot even understand as much as some of those ‘primitive’ middle-eastern astronomers did thousands of years ago. It doesn’t matter how far their advanced telescopes can peer into space, their eyes are blinded by the arrogance of believing that they already know how it all happened and that all they can see is trash and leftover junk. In the end, their tech is mostly useless. It is no wonder that they cannot find any intelligent mechanisms or produce intelligent answers, in spite of their advanced technical toys.
TINA: You have come up with some very interesting proposals and you don’t even have a kids’ telescope here!
TIM: My views are not that advanced and I am not an expert on science. Mine are only suggestions of the possible ways the solar system could work, could be organized and reasons of why things are the way they are. I am sure that the answers are infinitely more interesting and intelligent than my suggestions and guesses. However, I can see that some of the ideas we are proposing are infinitely more intelligent and interesting that their ‘only valid and accepted’ chaos, explosions and confusion.
TINA: ‘Standard’ Model scientists look at the solar system and don’t see any intelligent design or mechanism, when the system is chock-full with it. I mean, even the study of life in this planet is crammed with intelligence.
TIM: Yep! That’s how for millennia humankind and some intelligent scientists had been learning and increasing true knowledge, by learning about astronomy, mathematics, medicine, philosophy, growing food, husbandry, and much more.

‘Standard’ Model Scientists aren’t hired to question, think and discover, but to defend and promote the Narrative and Dogma of their financial Sponsors and Patrons

TINA: But it is not possible to learn that much for those that believe that there is nothing intelligent out there, nothing to learn and nothing to discover. People that are scanning the universe just to ‘confirm’ the stories they have invented and which they have convinced themselves are the ‘only valid and accepted inventions’.
TIM: In fact, they have a lot of the information that could lead them to some exciting discoveries, but they throw it all in the garbage can of their blind science. For them all is chaos, explosions, junk leftovers and confusion. Many of the intelligent possibilities we are discussing about the solar system are actually based on the information they have made available through their research and missions.
TINA: In the case of the belts, they should have given them more thought, such as, ‘why is there such big structure here in the middle of everything? What is the purpose and benefit of it?’ ‘Hey, this stuff must be important! It resembles bearings, or some other intelligent engine or stuff, we don’t know what, but we should find out about it, this could be important!’
TIM: If for no other reason, they should study the solar system because obviously it works, is predictable, it has definite laws, of which we already know a few, and obviously is good enough to have sustained life in our planet and have sustained humankind for a long time.
TINA: They should try to hire some of those Babylonian or Persian astronomers of antiquity at NASA and ESA, so those space agencies can do some real progress with all the info they have at their fingertips.
TIM: Even if they could, I don’t think they would hire them! Their attitude is, ‘You don’t need to be intelligent to hold to this job and be a scientist! Just toe-the-line and say what we tell you and don’t contradict what our catechism says! We don’t want to have any intelligent design freaks here; and we don't want to discover, or analyze any intelligent stuff. Your main job as a cosmologist or astronomer is to agree with us that our ‘Standard’ narrative is the only valid and accepted one’.

If any ‘Standard’ Model Scientist would claim there is Proof of Intelligent Design in the Universe, they would be in jeopardy of losing their financial Support and Benefits

TINA: Yea. ‘What do you think this is? Stonehenge or something? This is NASA man, or this is ESA, just shut up! We know for a fact there is nothing intelligent outside the glorious four walls of our new research facility!’
TIM: Actually, they do have a lot of cutting-edge technology, some of the best ones, and have access to information that could be very useful in understanding how things work. In fact, a lot of the presently available useful information about the universe is provided by ‘Standard’ Model scientists and it is found often in their trashcans among all the other intelligent things they have discarded as junk.
TINA: Why don’t use all that for something useful?
TIM: As mentioned, even a lot of my claims are based on their own studies and findings. However, most of them don't dare to connect the dots of their own discoveries in any shape that could resemble the presence of any intelligent design in the solar system or the universe. If they would do so, they would risk losing their jobs, their ‘Standard’ reputation and risk being reclassified as ‘pseudo-scientists’ in nothing flat.
TINA: Reclassified by whom?
TIM: Reclassified by the scientific ruling class and their ‘high courts and high priests’ and journals. Being reclassified as an Intelligent Design ‘pseudo-scientist’ would represent the loss of many of the privileges, benefits, access to resources and grants available to those scientists that are faithful to their evolutionary vows.
TIM: They would become pariahs and absolute losers among the ‘Standard’ scientific community, which is ultimately controlled by those who finance and manage scientific research, from behind the scientific scenes.

Intellectual Eunuchs

TINA: They probably fear being expelled from their standard circles more than death itself.
TIM: They should stop fearing death when their minds and intellects are already dead. They have castrated their minds, for a position in the ‘Standard’ imperial palace! They like to look down on how in the past emperors used eunuchs for their harems and palaces, ‘especially those primitive people of the East’, they said. Many emperors were afraid that guards, keepers and administrators would mess around with the women in their harems. Well, ‘Standard’ evolutionary science only hires eunuchs of the mind to make sure no one dares to mess around or try to touch their darling theories. ‘It is just a small price to pay for all you could receive in exchange!’ they say. ‘You don’t even have to think, just do what we tell you, toe-the-line and say that we are the only ones that are right! Remember the conditions and clauses of the contract: ‘Ours is the only valid and accepted theory of the origin and evolution of the universe!’
TINA: They start the process of intellectual castration early in education and they finish the operation while in college. That’s must be why Einstein avoided going to class, and instead played the violin, and played hooky, so that he could at least think! His professors hated that he wouldn’t let them perform the operation! 
TIM: Exactly! Then, by the time most ‘Standard’ cosmologists are hired, their employers want to make sure the operation was successful and ‘this people won’t betray us, after all we do for them’. They have to be thoroughly tested before they receive any academic recognition. It has to be thoroughly proven that they are in fact eunuchs of the mind. It takes years before they bestow some of their most coveted prizes, as they want to make sure those receiving such ‘honors’ won't betray them. Some of them seem to have been able to evade scrutiny and still think, but even among those most are still afraid of being found and losing their benefits. They should do something about it, instead of remaining silent. They just stand there going through the motions and hoping that someone else would prove the ‘only valid’ theories wrong, finally!
TINA: “Be careful… don’t push those ideas, you could lose your job, you know. Don’t cross the boss with your intelligent ideas. Don’t dare to think out of the only accepted and valid ‘Standard’ box”.

All ‘Standard’ Articles, Research and new Theories have to be rubberstamped with the ‘Standard’ Mantras about the Evolution of the Universe and the sacrosanct Big Bang

TIM: All they can see around is more junk leftover after their favorite explosions and collisions, or voracious black holes devouring dying stars. They may be staring at an amazing mechanism and engine, from which they could learn so much, but they don’t. Talk about primitive minds. It is so boring to see how they all finish their reports, interviews and public appearances by saying, ‘this breakthrough in technology proves once again that the big bang and the ‘Standard’ Model of cosmology are the only valid and accepted theory of the origin and evolution of the universe’. Alternatively, at the beginning of a new project, they declare, ‘this new telescope and array, or this new particle accelerator will help us to elucidate the last mysteries of the origin and the evolution of the universe and the big bang.’
TINA: They do that all the time. They have to rubberstamp their comments with the ‘Standard’ party lines.
TIM: Is that enough about their ‘Standard’ blindness? Is it enough of an answer about the things I completely disagree about their moronic attitude? OK. Let’s’ try to focus on the amazing solar system and its intelligent organization, rather than on their dead end science doomed to continue to fail.
TINA: The solar system is so interesting and it seems that there are so many things to learn, to discuss and to find about! It is uplifting to talk about intelligent things and about the purpose for it all. Let’s go back to talk about the solar system.
TIM: When we discussed the asteroids, I didn’t even mention the existence of another set of asteroids, the Hilda Group, which is embedded inside the orbit of Jupiter. The Hilda group is a very dynamic set of asteroids in a pyramid-shaped formation. They move in perfect synchronization and balance with Jupiter. The group keeps changing position in order to remain out of the way of Jupiter, while working like one of the smaller wheels of a giant clock. When you consider the way all these different objects and groups of objects operate and interact among themselves and the possible consequences of their interactions, it is mind blowing, like observing or considering a huge timepiece and masterpiece. Those belts are part of a masterpiece of engineering and horologic design.
TINA: Although for most ‘Standard’ minds, they are all useless leftover junk.

The Tale of two different Groups of ‘Aborigine’ Scientists

TIM: Yea, their attitude is similar to the one of aborigines who would find a timepiece or advanced clock in a box buried in the sand, and would discarded as junk, just because they are afraid of understanding what it really is and afraid of contradicting the head witch doctor of their tribe.
TINA: But aborigines are usually curious, don't you think?
TIM: The ones in the southern hemisphere and in the East are, and in fact not only curious but also very observant. However, I had in mind the type of northern western aborigines, such as found in northern Europe and by extension in North America, although many of that kind have spread across the globe and contaminated multiple native minds with their ‘Standards’.
TINA: Oh, you mean the ‘Standard’ Model aborigines!
TIM: Yea, right! Although they have spread widely, we could call the different approaches as the northern western ‘Standard’ aborigine approach and the southern eastern Intelligent Design approach, disregarding their actual location on the globe.
TINA: It is a huge disadvantage when people convince themselves and decide a-priori that very complex and advanced mechanisms, which they obviously don’t understand and know little about, are just ‘junk’, as it renders those parties unable to learn anything from the event.
TIM: Yes. If aborigine followers of the northern western school would find a clock, in a box half buried in the sand, they would immediately assume that the thing was produced by explosions and impacts or in some rare more sophisticated cases, the lack of it.
TINA: This would be to toe the line and views of their patrons and medicine men, which claim that everything was made by accident and in a non-intelligent way, right?
TIM: Yes! That’s the first commandment of the chieftains of advanced ‘Standard’ science. When I say ‘the northern and western aborigines’ I would exclude the Swiss people that are great clockmakers and horologers. However, if any of most of the western-northern aborigines would find such an advanced clock and wouldn’t know what the ‘thing’ is; their ‘advanced Standard’ western northern minds would go in high gear immediately!

‘Standard’ Model Aborigines approach to Research and Discovery

TINA: They would assume that the ‘thing’ made itself after an explosion and involved a process that took millions of years of slow evolution.
TIM: Yes. One of the first things they would do would be to try to establish exactly how many millions or even billions of years, it took the thing to evolve or to coalesce from a hot and dense cloud of primordial gases.
TINA: For sure, the answer will be at least millions of years, because the thing looks quite complex, almost intelligently arranged.
TIM: In the process, they would review and piece together all the possible previous narratives that the discovery of the clock can now reaffirm, starting by the main and basic evolutionary precepts. Then, a highly trained group of colleagues and peers of the scientific ‘Standard’ inquisition would check every term used in their conclusions and research papers to make sure that the addition to the narrative is consistent with ‘Standard’ myths lore and promptly change any undesired intelligent assumptions and intelligent vocabulary or contradictions of ‘the only valid and accepted Standard’ folklore. Then, the new findings that ‘undoubtedly would prove the correct path of evolution’, would be archived, pending approval to be submitted to a prestigious ‘Standard’ journal and subsequently hoped to be recognized by the powwows of ‘Standard’ scientific body of the western and northern aborigines.
TINA: So, the typical reaction of the aboriginal members of the ‘Standard’ Model northern western school would be to first, and without wasting any time, explain how the clock became a clock according to their non-intelligent legends, through millions of years of random evolution. That would be the first step, even before they attempt to understand what the thing is doing, and whether it is useful for any intelligent purpose.
TIM: Yea, exactly, whether something is useful or intelligent is completely inconsequential for aboriginal ‘Standard’ evolutionary minds, which are predisposed and conditioned to think that everything is a meaningless accident and useless fragments of leftover junk. For them, the great purpose of scientific research is to prove their chieftains and leaders, their cherished evolutionary reputation and themselves right, rather than find any truth or learn any useful or intelligent thing. Useful and intelligently looking things are dangerous, as ‘you could be tricked into thinking that maybe there is some kind of intelligent organization in the universe and in nature. Be careful!’
TINA: All the more, if they want to continue to receive their stipends from the only valid and accepted ‘Standard’ tribal Ministry of Truth, isn't it?

Watchofulus Pythecantrolarius N34907c

TIM: Yep. Therefore, after deciding arbitrarily that the ‘thing’ made itself by accidents and explosions or by simple coalescence and by the timely intervention of lucky auntie evolution… through millions or billions of years…
TINA: …they would imagine the almost exact number of years it took to form itself. No round numbers accepted. They would say something like, ‘this thing is 3 million, four hundred twenty five thousand years old, with a +- 0.043 margin of error’…
TIM: …yea, and they would proceed to device, invent and promptly explain to an enthralled audience all the possible steps that must have been involved in the non-intelligent and completely accidental evolution of the ‘thing’. Then, they would choose an appropriate name for the thing and probably they would call it something like Watchofulus Pythecantrolarius N34907c, so that it sounds very complicated, as in most ‘Standard’ people’s minds that would surely sound ‘scientific’ and confusing.
TINA: They would never use descriptive names, such as bubbles of energy, or in that case, timekeeper, isn’t it?
TIM: Never. However, they would make sure to expound on the millions of perilous and difficult years of slow but surefooted lucky evolutionary progress.
TINA: In the process of doing that, they would also contribute several new theories to add to the extensive repertoire of useless theories already available in their ‘Standard’ Academy of Sciences. They often do that. They would probably offer different theories to explain why some of the wheels of the clock are bigger than other wheels, explaining that during the period of inflation some stuff coalesced faster and became bigger wheels, but other less fit type of stuff, only became small wheels.
TIM: They would attribute the smaller sizes to the wheels own unfit abilities to evolve, or alternatively, to a smaller explosion. They would therefore, place the smaller wheels in the category of leftover junk wheels from the time of inflation, especially if any of those wheels rotates in the opposite direction of most other wheels. TINA: ‘Hey, no worries, one more piece of junk we don’t have to think about, OK?’

Primordial Watchofulus Soups and Synthesis, Watchofulus Baryogenesis, Watchofulus Inflations and Anti- Watchofulus Dark Matter: anything is valid and accepted if defends the ‘Standard’ Model

TIM: No doubt! The newly devised supportive theories would offer an invaluable opportunity that shouldn't be missed to bring about the possible existence of primordial watchofulus synthesis, primordial watchofulus soups, watchofulus baryogenesis, watchofulus inflations, hot dense clouds of anti-watchofulus dark matter, and much more. ‘Standard’ Model people would be delighted to find with amazement that the new discovery by their illustrious scientists and the added theories perfectly match their previous theories and timelines about how the universe was formed and evolved. The rest of the western northern aborigines would be left astonished and speechless about the breakneck speed at which their ‘only valid and accepted’ science is progressing, while feeling even more proud and reassured of their fitted origins.
TINA: And they would thank hell not to be one of those ‘barely-evolved’ southern and eastern aborigines that still believe in myths of the Judeo-Christian, Islamic and Sino-Indian traditions and legends.
TIM: Finally, those aborigines involved in the research and development of the new theories will rejoice immensely, as the fortuitous discovery of the Watchofulus Pythecantrolarius N34907c and the correct narrative offered that reaffirms the ‘Standard’ traditions would double as a source of grant money from ‘philanthropists and benefactors’. In fact, various prestigious foundations that have been funding and promoting ‘Standard’ evolutionary legends and non-intelligent narratives for at least one century would rush to evaluate whether the discoverers deserve one of their desired ‘Standard’ prizes.
TINA: Wow! How advanced! I am moved, boiled over and overtaken with envy by the western northern aborigines ‘Standard’ impeccable and glorious trajectory. I am sure those happenings are at odds and completely different to what it would have taken place if the thing would have been found by followers of the southern and eastern schools of thought. What would happen if the clock were found buried in the sands of the Sahara, for example, or in Central Asia, Persia, Mesopotamia, Rajasthan, or in the Gobi Desert ‘in the midst of obviously ancient and primitive minded tribes’?

The curious Attitude of ‘primitive Eastern and Southern Aborigines’ upon finding the Clock

TIM: “Everybody knows that the people around those various deserts from the Sahara to the Gobi, as it is already and clearly pointed out by ‘Standard’ evolutionary science are not very advanced in the realm of technology and science and that their ancestral homes are where primitive people came from. That’s where the Peking man, the Java man and other primitive ancestors thrived, so not much should be expected of this barely-evolved people”. In addition, everybody knows in the northern hemisphere what would ensue would the clock be found in the southern and eastern desert lands.
TINA: What would those people do?
TIM: The ‘backward’ aborigines would probably carefully open the thing and watch it work and make diagrams in the sand and later transfer those to stone to preserve them and try to understand what is the ‘thing’ doing. They would want to know what all those wheels are for, and why they all turn around in what it seems a very intelligent way, some this way and some that way and at different speeds, producing a rhythmic beat that could be very useful to the tasks of keeping time and seasons.
TINA: I imagine that the ‘outrageous’ thing about their actions would be that they would start all this ‘illegal’ activity without even informing the ‘Standard’ academies of the northern and western aborigines.
TIM: Yea, outrageous! Instead, the desert southern eastern aborigines ‘indelibly tainted by their ancestral ignorance and myths’ would immediately assume that the ‘thing’ must have been made by someone vastly more intelligent than themselves, perhaps even a God. They would analyze it, try to learn as much as they could about it, and try to copy it repeatedly to master its advanced design. They would also go to the extreme of trying to deduce any ‘useful’ laws from the study. After all, this primitive people of the southern and of the African and Asian deserts are the descendants of the people that built the pyramids, the great walls, the Taj Mahals, and vast empires block upon block. They have known for thousands of years that no such a thing could ever have been made by itself or by accident, unlike the north-westerners, which never built anything amounting to much, except the inventions of useless singularities, missing links, primordial soups and machines to replicate and produce explosions, the bigger the better. Thus, the aborigines from the southern and eastern deserts would try to learn all they could from the obviously intelligent design of the ‘thing’ they have found. They would probably call it ‘clock’, as it click-clocks the passage of time so precisely, or perhaps, ‘watch’, as they would understand that you have to watch the thing not to lose track of time and seasons.
TINA: I can see what the approach of the people of the southern and eastern deserts would be. I can also see that the aborigines of the northern western ‘Standard’ school would consider the belief in their ‘myths and legends’ to be the greatest disadvantage for the advancement of modern science among the primitive aborigines of those southern deserts!
TIM: You bet! They would be completely convinced of that, and that would be another standard opportunity, which the ‘only valid and accepted ‘Standard’ western northern aborigines’ wouldn’t miss to troll some more in their social media and scientific journals about how primitive the aborigines in the other side of the Great Sea and to the East are! ‘The easterners and southerners are just a bunch of pseudo-aborigines that know nothing at all about modern science’, they would agree in their tweets!
TINA: It happens all the time! You have described clearly the different possible paths of scientific research found among the ‘only valid and accepted northern and western aborigine science’ in contrast to the ‘primitive’ approaches of the southern and eastern aborigines, whether it is about humble clocks, which follow the passage of time, or about the solar system and celestial bodies which generate time.
TIM: Yea, ‘pity those poor primitive southern and eastern aborigines’, who by the way, are once again taking over the world with their ancient ‘myths’, their search for wisdom and intelligence and their industriousness.
TINA: A fact!

The Self-proclaimed ‘only accepted and valid Theory of Standard Model Cosmology’

TIM: The truth is that the so-called ‘Standard’ evolutionary narrative and views are not a standard at all, but for the most part just a bunch of childlike stories the ‘Standard’ people self-proclaimed as the ‘only valid and accepted theory’, as it is the only one that conforms faithfully to their own arbitrary non-intelligent and brutish evolutionary legends. The masters and patrons of western and northern science had a bunch of people in their payroll worldwide and even many who are still hoping to get some of the dough also, to declare that all and any other theories are fake and pseudo-scientific! ‘Nobody else’s theories are scientific, except ours, remember!’ In the meantime, their acolytes are left free to and lauded for inventing any new narrative that seems to justify their claims, no matter how impossible to prove scientifically they might be! Anything goes, such as the assumed singularity’s explosion, the expansion and inflation, the baryogenesis, the ages that extend for millions of years of which they can tell you the exact timing and temperature, the primordial soups, the evolutionary legends of how an ameba became a dinosaur and then a professor and much more. All that narrative, is ‘valid and accepted standard science’, but ‘all others are pseudo-scientific claims made by prejudiced people who believe in myths’. Period!
TINA: There is no ‘only accepted and valid theories’ until they are proven! They are all theories, and theirs are not a standard at all!
TIM: Their self-proclaimed standard of scientific exceptionalism declares that, ‘any new theory which doesn’t support our claims is pseudo-scientific, especially if it even hints at the existence of any intelligent design or higher intelligence, because we are the only accepted and valid scientists and we know there couldn’t be anyone or anything more intelligence than what we are!’

Galaxies For Intelligently Designed Minds

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