GALAXIES For Intelligently Designed Minds (NOT For ‘Standard’ Model DUMMIES)

No For Standard Model Dummies

The eBook exposes critical weaknesses and contradictions in the Standard Model narrative and offers unorthodox alternative explanations for the same, based on an intelligently designed approach to understanding the organization of the solar system and of spiral galaxies.
Some of the more outstanding characteristics of Torie's work is that it questions the four century explanation of gravity being generated inside mass. In addition, it questions the idea that the speed of light throughout the universe is constant. While acknowledging that the speed of light in a vacuum on the surface of the earth might be constant, it challenges the idea that the universe and its inner space are uniform, like a continuum with such constant vacuum properties.

The work challenges Einstein theory of the spacetime, proposing that although the curves lines that extend ad-infinitum or at least for great distances in space could apply to radiation, they don’t apply to matter.  Instead proposes that matter, as it seems to be observed and proven, moves mostly in orbits within systems, which the book pictures as spherical bubbles of energy. Torie claims arguably that planets, moons, solar system and galaxies move in circular orbits around their respective barycenter and don’t drift through the universe along curved lines of assumed spacetime.

The eBook states that the interactions of space and mass generate the mentioned bubbles of energy, which in turn generate the gravitational balance for each bubble and for the system at large. It claims that smaller bodies might generally have smaller bubbles of energy, which in turn might be encased in bigger bubbles of energy. Consequently, the bubble of energy of a moon might be encased in the bubble of its host planet, and the bubbles of energy of planets might be encased in the bubble of a solar system, which would be encased either in the bubble of their host galaxy, or intermediary bubbles within the galaxy. In turn, galaxies and their respective bubbles might be also part of bigger systems.
In describing the bubbles concept, Torie connects it to Biblical Scripture, namely to the books of Genesis, the gospel of John and the description of creation offered in the Bible.

The eBook offers a new view of the role of black holes and as being part of the engine of galaxies. Torie's view of black holes is in stark contrast to the Standard Model one, as the eBook credits black holes with critical and beneficial functions in galactic engines, offering specific details of them in the organization of spiral galaxies.

Regarding gravity, Torie claims that the gravitational balance of different systems at different levels of the universe is generated externally to matter and as a result of the interactions of space and mass in what he terms the space-mass. He posits that contrary to the popular scientific belief, the outer space of any given bubble of energy is denser and heavier than its inner space, thus, every bubble experiences an external pressure that pushes matter towards its barycenter. In his view, the barycenter of systems and bubbles would be denser than the outlying inner areas of the same, rendering huge bubbles of energy whose total ratio of matter to space is lighter than the ratio of its outer space, causing bubbles of energy to float in space as heavy ships float on water. He extends the view and concept of bubbles from the atomic level to the level of galaxies and beyond.

Framed on these main views, Torie offers a multitude of answers logically and rationally connected to the above views for a multitude of phenomena, which the Standard Model of cosmology fails to answer satisfactorily, or for which it offers contradictory explanations.
Torie spares no efforts in exposing countless contradictions and pseudoscientific 'tenets of the traditional self-proclaimed only valid and accepted Standard Model of cosmology' (sic) and mainstream science, as well as of a number of scientific assumptions of the last few centuries.

The eBook offers no hard formulas or complex scientific evidence for the concepts, except for a disarming logic and rationale that expose many chinks and cracks in the armor of the Standard Model, while offering possible alternative explanations that amazingly fit each other very neatly.
Meanwhile, Torie offers no credentials, academic background or qualifications for himself, neither explains where his ideas come from, or the process involved in reaching those conclusions, other than his claims that he had learned from observation and from the study of Scripture. In fact, it is possible that the author writes under a nom de plume and that his true identity remains hidden from the public's eyes.

Finally, Galaxies For Intelligently Designed Minds dives in and out of a multitude of related subjects, such as planetary orbits, exoplanets in the assumed habitable zone of solar systems, the observed red-shift in distant galaxies, the assumed expansion of the universe, quasars, gravitational waves, the 'only valid and accepted' scientific conspiracy, as well as the role of the scientific establishment in preserving the status quo and dilemma in which the study of astronomy and cosmology have been marred in for the last century.

Galaxies For Intelligently Designed Minds

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